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  • Wed 3rd Apr 2019 - 11:07am

    Shade umbrella comes in various size, design, and mechanisms.  Some are meant to be for ordinary daily use, just like a typical outdoor shade umbrella we’ve been used to owning.  Others look more like a parasol from afar, one that doesn’t escape the eyes for its huge size and stylized form.

    Shade umbrella for outdoors are more of the kind that impresses specifically the larger ones. Because these can also serve as a centerpiece for a particular space or venue; or as a decorative shade that catches the fancy of guests.

    A Boss Shade Cantilever Umbrella is one of this type that sets itself unique.  It has mechanisms that allow a cantilever umbrella to be folded. The shade umbrella itself can also be turned around in circular motion.

    Below is a list where you can actually put a cantilever umbrella:

    1. Beach/ resort - need we say more than an outdoor shade umbrella is a must-find while sunbathing?
    2. Cafes - adding a shade umbrella actually does add up to the alfresco theme of a coffee shop.
    3. Restaurants - prepare a romantic dinner for couples in your restaurant business by putting a cantilever umbrella in your cozy spot complete with candle lights effect.
    4. Spa or salon - tweak your spa or salon setup a bit by putting a shade umbrella in front of your business as a waiting area for guests.
    5. Car exhibits/ car shows – for car businesses, why not set up an outdoor shade umbrella beside your vehicle unit on display whenever you have a car exhibit at a local mall or at a car convention? This shade umbrella can serve as a sitting area for prospective clients waiting for their turn to test drive a vehicle. It can also serve as a lounge area for your car sales agents on standby.

    There’s actually more places you can put the cantilever umbrella in. Feel empowered to use a bit of your creativity in using this piece to attract clients to your business.

    Find out more about what kind of umbrella we offer.


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  • Sat 6th Jul 2019 - 12:56pm

    It is good to know about Cantilever Umbrella. This shockwave raptor grip data provided here can be very beneficial to peoples who own resorts, restaurants, cafes, etc. They are hung in the air and held by a freestanding shaft on the side of an outdoor yard area instead of the middle.

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