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  • Sat 29th Jun 2019 - 7:55pm

    Termite Control in Kuwait City
    The best anti-termite company in Kuwait Many of us suffer from the presence of termites in the places we live in, it is a dangerous insect on the human and on everything from Hula, because not only an insect propagates the grams and bacteria in the human, because it destroys all things that Be about the people that cause the benefit of many of us do not care about the harm and disadvantages of this insect and many of us want to know the reasons and solutions in order to eliminate the elimination of some solutions and reasons.



    We offer you a simplified explanation of termites in Kuwait and the reasons for its appearance
    The insect of termites is a harmful insect to many things. It feeds on cellulose, which is found in the wood and furniture of the house, which is also found in the walls of the house wall. This insect has many kinds and shapes and is classified by the existing categories, Of insects that live in the interior of the inner layers of the earth, and also as we make it clear in the company of anti-termites in Kuwait, the capital that it is one of the most important reasons why termites appear to be openings in the house such as the presence of these openings in the door of the house is one of the reasons that cause the presence and appearance of ants the White pesticides .

    And the leaks of water produced from the kitchen of the house and the lack of ventilation of the house well every day One of the reasons for the injury of the house with white ants is not to leave the windows open and for long periods, leaving the house closed without lights for a long time leads to an assembly of ants clearly and effectively, And that where the termites come when the manufacture of the floors of the house of wood leads to the presence of termites and may be inside it and at this time it is difficult to find the presence of termites groupings within the place or home so it must be well Anttabah good for the absence of termites to any of the harmful insects which Lead to negative results

  • Wed 7th Aug 2019 - 11:14am

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