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  • Wed 15th Feb 2017 - 11:37am

    Everyone wants to have the shiny, smooth and hair free skin. If you are one of those to have such skin and tired of waxing, shaving or tweezing for unwanted hair removal then here is the best solution laser hair removal agoura hills treatment. The cosmetic laser hair removal procedure is common in the United States of America. After carrying out the laser treatment multiple times, it results in the permanent hair loss. Laser beams extremely intense light in to the follicles of hair. The pigments inside the follicles sop ups the laser beam light and results in the destruction of the hairs.
    Laser Hair Removal benefits:
    Through lasers treatment the unwanted hair are removed easily from any part of the body and is equally suitable for both male and female. The Laser targets only unwanted hair and the skin remains undamaged and smooth. Although the hair treatment process is time consuming while operating the legs or back of a person but the result is far better than waxing, shaving or tweezing. Laser hair removal takes less than a minute in order to remove the hair above the upper lip.
    Four to eight sessions of laser hair removal treatment results in the laser hair removal Northridge or the hair growth will be reduced to 20-30%.
    Laser Hair Removal Preparation:
    Laser hair removal treatment has potential risk as it is a medical procedure and requires necessary training. Before starting the treatment the patient must needs to follow the recommendations of both doctor and the technician which are about to operate.
    If you want to have the laser hair removal treatment then you need to stop the waxing, shaving, tweezing or other procedures at least five to seven before the laser treatment. The reason is that the laser hair removal treatment targets the roots of the hair and can be removed temporary by the waxing or other procedures.
    To have full results of laser hair removal then you need to avoid the sunlight for five to seven weeks before and after the treatment.
    The first three days you will feel the laser treated area as sunburned, so use cool lotion in order to avoid sunburn feeling.
    Cover the laser treated body area from sun, if you have laser treated your face then use makeup the next day of treatment along with moisturizing cream/lotion.
    The next month of the laser treatment will start the hair fall, use sunscreen in order to secure the skin color from temporary changes.
    Dark complexion body people usually have the blisters after the laser treatment.
    Laser hair Removal Cost:
    The laser treatment cost is varied because of different factors and are as follow:
    Laser hair removal treatment area.
    Number of sittings.
    Specialist who is operating the hair removal treatment
    Cost doesn’t matter if you are having the smooth skin free from unwanted hair forever. Permanent changes in the skin color after the laser hair removal treatment are found rare.

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