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  • Sat 11th Feb 2017 - 4:25am

    Topic about belonging yoga to someone is actual. Nowadays, many people argue about it. Who owns yoga who is its master? The fact is many companies make yoga mat, yoga backpack, and yoga mat backpack and yoga mat holders. However, this does not mean that they own yoga itself. We want to talk about this topic. Who is the owner of yoga? Here comes the question:
    Did they created or discovered yoga?
    If people discovered yoga, means sage monks created yoga centuries ago. They were from India. Of course, this fact gives us right to say that their successors have full rights on yoga techniques, knowledge, traditions. Therefore, without their approval no one can ever use them.
    Many scientist, teachers and experts have a claim on Digital Town Square during the speech: “yoga is the part of Indian tradition”. This phrase gives them right to blame everyone for thieving, corruption, wrong interpretation, wrong use etc. They can blame everyone for disfiguring their saint tradition of yoga.
    I see this view as a fundamental mistake, because I think people discovered yoga, they did not create it. You cannot create yoga as you cannot create electricity, gravity etc.
    Ancient Greeks discovered that yoga is eternal and innate attribute of nature. Philosophy of yoga tries to reach our problems of organism and step over the problems human cannot solve alone. Yoga is the art of founding obstacle, then solving it.
    Yoga is similar to gravity and electricity. It is the power of nature that existed long time ago. This opinion has basis from many traditional studies. We should be grateful to those explorers who tried to explain ancient yoga potential. They lived in continent of India. However, trying to have rights on using yoga, its techniques etc. is a nonsense (because of geographic discovery). Imagine The Great Britain trying to have copyrights on gravity, because Sir Isaac Newton was born there.
    That is why I think that yoga was not created, but group of people, Indians, discovered it.
    It existed before people started using yoga. Successors should not have rights on yoga, because it is universal thing. It is available for everyone and everyone has right to practice yoga as much as they want. If we try to make money with yoga and yoga techniques then it will stop being universal and this great. It will stop being cure to our physical and alter states. It will not improve our mental and spiritual abilities. Because it is so free and mature, we practice it. We like to be part of something that is out of this world. That makes us feel proud, free, relaxed. That is easy to do, that requires less time. That does not need lots of money. Its equipment is easy to get. All yoga followers have yoga backpack or yoga mat. No matter who discovered it or when he discovered it, main thing is to get pleasure from it. Lie on our yoga gym bag, start practicing, and become the part of this culture.

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