The Highest Rated Cards in FIFA 17

Thu 30th Jun 2016 - 8:33am : Players

With FIFA 17 set to drop in stores late September, we now reveal one of the biggest draw-dropping stats for the new release – the highest rated cards in the game. Gamers have been eager to get a sneak peak at FIFA 17 player ratings. We currently have some insight into the potential ratings for the top three players in FIFA 17.

We understand that Messi, Ronaldo and Luis Suarez will have the highest rated cards in the game. These are going to be the three players that everyone look at, with the inevitable debate about to happen again on if Ronaldo should have a higher rating than Messi for FIFA 17. Now you can buy u4fifa fifa coins at with a low price and instant delivery.

It’s worth pointing out that Messi’s contract with EA appears to have run out, which is why we see four new stars being promoted with the game launch – Rodriguez, Martial, Reus and Eden Hazard.

Will this have a bearing on his FIFA 17 rating though? According to YouTuber Fuji who has come up with these nice designs as well as rating, Messi will once again be 94 rated in FIFA 17.

Staying on the fence, we also see Ronaldo’s rating in FIFA 17 at 94 as well, which is a +1 upgrade from his FIFA 16 rating which we can definitely see happening.

The big one though is Luis Suarez who is undoubtedly going to get a massive upgrade after an amazing season with Barcelona. Suarez shipped with a 90 rating in FIFA 16, but in this prediction we see a 92 rating which would be nice if it happened.




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