FIFA 17 Players Reviews: Dutch TOTS Players

Sat 9th Jul 2016 - 7:21am : Players

Today I will show you my reviews about Dutch TOTS Players, here we go.

TOTS Jasper Cillessen

As we know, goalkeepers in this FIFA are pretty inconsistent. I was pretty hesitant to splash some fifa coins on him, but since I could build a full TOTS squad of dutch players, I thought: Why the hell not?

Some key stats about him:

89 POS
88 DIV
86 REF

Overall, he's a great player if you need a dutch GK. but his huge flaw IMO is that he lacks the long throw trait so I'll give him an 7/10

TOTS Hakim Zyech

He feels like Iniesta on steroids (without 4* skills tho)

I've used him as CM, CAM, CF and ST...he's good at every position, but he works better as a CAM in a 4312.

Some key stats:

Short Passing 87
Long Passing 85
Free Kick 90+Curve 99=Goal
He's everywhere, at the right time and right place.

If you need a creative midfielder for your dutch squad BUY HIM NOW!

TOTS Davy Klaaseen

he is the dutch TOTS Marchisio, he's versatile, can play anywhere and also has a hell of a shot.

Some key stats about him:

Positioning 92
Finishing 87
Shot Power 88
Reactions 91
Strength 80

For me, his best positon was at LCM.




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