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Tue 19th Jul 2016 - 6:49am : News

Your computer controlled teammates will supposedly be smarter than ever before in FIFA 17 - a statement that comes as no real surprise since EA Sports seems to say it almost every year. According to the footy sim's latest trailer, the artificial intelligence can manage and use space on the pitch impressively well, darting into the open and making runs that result in more fluid forward play.

To be fair to the franchise, FIFA really has come a long way over the last few years in terms of how the artificial intelligence can adapt to your style of play. Sure, you still see players making some absolutely mental decisions now and then, but overall, the developer's crafted something solid. Here's hoping, then, that FIFA 17 continues adding to the realism.

Are you looking forward to more frantic footy this year? Count down the days until the Premier League starts in the comments section below.

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