Features of FIFA 17 Companion App

Mon 11th Jul 2016 - 8:26am : News

Here is the list of the features of the new FIFA 17 Companion App for iOS, Android and Windows Phone Devices:

Manage your FUT Squads and Club Items by optimizing Chemistry, Formations, and Players
Build your squad from Draft mode and play on console
Find and bid on players, staff, consumables and items on the FUT 17 Transfer Market
Purchase Packs from the FUT Store
View TOTW Squad Previews and History
Access your EA Sports Football Club Activity, News and Notifications
Plan your squad with the Concept Squads

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Here they are the main highlights:

FIFA 17 Companion App
Keep the world of FIFA Ultimate Team close at hand with the EA SPORTS FIFA 17 Companion App! Manage your Ultimate Team anytime, anywhere!

FUT Draft
Build your FUT Draft squad by choosing between five players in for each position on mobile and play the match on console or PC for high rewards!

Squad Management
Get match ready by optimizing your lineup, Chemistry and formation on the go. Plan your future squads with Concept Squads, a powerful squad planning tool that contains all players in FUT.

FUT Store
Never miss out on great promo deals again! Feel the thrill of opening packs and getting those rare players. Packs are purchased with Coins earned in-game or FIFA Points (Android and Windows Phone 8 only).

View and manage all the Players, Consumables and Club Items in your FUT Club directly from the Companion App.

Stay Connected
Keep in touch with your friends through EA Sports Football Club, accessible anywhere within the app. Share your latest FIFA activity, comment on news updates, and get important game notifications.




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