FIFA 17 Testing: Player's Celebrations Require A Certain Agility Stat to Perform

Wed 29th Jun 2016 - 7:57am : Guides

With all this uproar about the chem glitch and watching video proof I recently read about celebrations requiring a certain agility stat to perform. I'm referring to the celebrations that say "agile players" next to them such as the backflip. I decided to do some testing and inadvertently found something quite interesting.

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I made a player with 86 agility and scored some goals. Every time he was able to perform numerous agile celebrations such as the L1+right stick up up (backflip).

I then changed the player's agility to 80. Surprisingly enough he was unable to do any of the agile celebrations.

Then I bumped him up to 81 agility. Boom. He was able to do the same agile celebrations just as before. So 81 is the magic number for agile celebrations.

More testing: I scored 2 goals. Both times I was able to do the backflip celebration. The player is on 81 agility btw. Then hear this. After scoring the third goal he did the default arms out to crowd instead of the backflip...???

Scored 5 more times and he STILL couldn't perform a backflip. I even tried the run cartwheel backflip and the cartwheel backflip twist which are both agile celebrations and they DID NOT work.

Proof of players stats changing mid game?

Would love to hear from you guys if you can also test this out to confirm. We may be on to something.

Edit: I'll do more testing later I really need some sleep. Please tell me your results if you attempt this




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